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What are Terpenes and what can they do for me?

*Terpenes are organic compounds that contribute to the unique flavor, scent, and color of a variety of plants and fruits. Terpenes are well known for the distinct and varied flavors of cannabis. However, Terpenes have been utilized by humans for thousands of years in a plethora of other ways including aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Everyone suffers from down days and bodily discomforts, sometimes these sorts of things are debilitating. When we came across the science of Terpenes we knew that we had to find a way to blend benefit with flavor into something we could all enjoy. That's why we formed Terp Industries and launched our signature product Terp's Candy. 


Our goal is simple; innovate the way people perceive and consume Terpenes, and help customers discover new ways to revitalize and enliven their days and health through fun, delicious, and beneficial products.

Enhance. Relieve. Relax

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